Superior Uniform Group employs global sources to manufacture the highest quality and most cost-efficient uniforms on behalf of our customers. This includes domestic contractors; 25-year partnerships with privately owned factories in Central America and Caribbean countries; and partnerships with factories in China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Superior Uniform Group respects the laws, customs and people in each country where the company does business—viewing each partner and employee as an extension of the company and exceeding standards of social compliance. This includes:

  • Daily visits by Superior Uniform Group personnel;
  • Daily audits for garment quality and social compliance;
  • Maintenance of clean, well-lit working environments;
  • Employment of the same technologies once used in the company’s owned U.S. factories; and
  • Regular audits by third party social compliance audit firms—ensuring all workers are of proper age, are paid in accordance to local labor laws and receive overtime pay of 1.5 times the normal rate when due.

Because of these efforts, Superior Uniform Group ensures that any factory currently working for the company meets or exceeds the strict vendor compliance guidelines set by Superior Uniform Group.

In addition to providing employment Superior Uniform Group makes regular donations of new merchandise to local relief agencies in the countries where the company operates. Items donated benefit not only individual people, but hospitals, clinics, orphanages and other philanthropic causes.