Corporate Apparel & Accessories


In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential to recognize that first impressions are lasting impressions. Superior Uniform Group can help you ensure the people giving the first impressions for your company are communicating the image you’d like to convey about your business through tailored uniforms and corporate apparel and accessories.

Superior Uniform Group's offers fashionable, comfortable and functional business attire in fine fabrics such as Wool-Luxe, 3-ply poly/wool, comfort fiber, eco fabrics and more. They also come in a variety of colors available in stylish and well-tailored pieces, such as:

  • Full suits;
  • Two, three and four button jackets;
  • Short and tunic vests;
  • Pleated and flat-front pants;
  • Mid-length and side slit skirts;
  • Sweaters sets and sweater cardigans, shells and vests;
  • Dress shirts and blouses in a variety of styles;
  • Custom ties and scarves; and even
  • Maternity blouses, jumpers, pants and tunic vests.

Whether your business focus is entertainment/theater, hospitality, transportation or fine dining, your employees can feel good about how they look while also looking professional and giving a perfect first impression. Talk to a customer care representative who can help you find the right combination of tailored clothing for your professional staff. Try customizing your jackets and suits with embroidered names and logos for that extra touch of personalization.